Relational Technologies Corporation
July 2001
Summary: Presents an overview of the user guide of Document Web Publish System with a detailed description of the contents of the DWPS. 


How to login/logout
How to search 
About the search result
About the category list


Document Web Publish System (DWPS) is a web site for company to release its documents into the Internet.DWPS can check the updated documents in the Archive Manage System (AMS) periodically and update the published document in web site.


    1. How to login

 Enter the Username and Password. Then click Login button.  Click Reset button if you want to input them again. The Username and Password must be authorized by web manager at first, if you username and password are valid, you can see the category list of your company's documents system. Otherwise the system will warn you login again, just like this:

   2. How to logout

Why do you need logout? You should logout because other people can use it on your computer if you keep the login state. For security reason, please logout after you use it.

Click the Logout button on the bottom bar.


  1. Full text search

Full text search can match the documents which include the text in the documents' name.

Enter the content which you need to search. Then click Search button. 

  2. Keyword search

Keyword search can match the documents which include the text in their keyword.

Enter the content which you need to search. Then click Search button.

  3. Advance Search

You can use "+" or "," to match the advance search for the documents.

"+"   Matches on all words (AND), e.g. "rule+program"
","    Matches on any word (OR), e.g. "rule,program"

  4. Search Result

After you click Search button, you will see :


The description of the result page :
       - It's the content text you want search.
-There're 10 search results and it took 0.05 seconds.
  -There're 10 total result pages.
   - Go to the first result page.
   - Go to the previous page.
   - Go to the next page.
   - Go to the last page.

 - The Category or file path structure of the result page. Click any category name, you can see the files or categories under the current category level. 
      -The sample description of the result document.

- The page number list of the result document. Click any number, you can go to the specific page of the documents.

About Category List

After you login, you will see :

The system will show the category list of your company documents, plus the folders numbers after the category name. Click the category name, you will see the folder list or documents list. The folder number shows how many folders in the category. Without the folder number, it means there's no folders in the category.
 ""  -category or folder    "" -document symbol